Ultra-fast 200 V rectifiers save space and improve thermal performance

With 1 A V, 2 A, 3 A, and 5 A options, the VS-xEAH02xM3 rectifiers from Vishay, in a new Power DFN package, enable power-system designers to increase current-handling capability with a smaller board design.

Vishay has introduced four series of 200 V FRED Pt® ultra-fast rectifiers which handle higher current and occupy less board space than widely used competing components. 

The 1 A-rated VS-1EAH02xM3, 2 A VS-2EAH02xM3, 3 A VS-3EAH02xM3, and 5 A VS‑5EAH02xM3 rectifiers are housed in a low-profile Power DFN3820A package with wettable flanks. The package measures 3.8 mm x 2.0 mm x 0.9 mm. Compared to rectifiers in the SMP (DO-220AA) package with the same footprint, the VS-1EAH02xM3, VS-2EAH02xM3, VS-3EAH02xM3, and VS-5EAH02xM3 offer a 12% lower profile and more than double the current rating. 

The rectifiers also offer equivalent or higher current ratings than larger devices in conventional SMB (DO-214AA) and SMC (DO-214AB) packages, as well as the eSMP® series SlimSMA (DO-221AC), SlimSMAW (DO-221AD), and SMPC (TO-2778A) package styles. 

The components’ optimized copper mass, and the advanced die placement technology used in their assembly, provide for superior thermal performance that enables operation at high currents. 

Each part is available in an AEC-Q101 qualified version. The package’s wettable flanks for sidewall plating allow easy inspection with automated optical inspection, with no X-ray necessary.

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