Ultra low-noise LDO operates over wide input-voltage range up to 38 V

The NCP731 from onsemi, an LDO with a maximum output current of 150 mA, provides the tightly regulated and stable power supply required by precision analog circuitry.

The NCP731 LDO voltage regulator from onsemi combines very low noise and fast transient response with wide input- and output-voltage ranges, to give designers flexibility in the design of power supplies for noise-sensitive components.

The NCP731 handles inputs across a voltage ranging from 2.7 V to 38 V, supplying an output current of up to 150 mA. It offers fixed output-voltage options of 3.3 V and 5.0 V, or an adjustable output voltage up to 35 V. Other fixed output voltages are available on request. The wide input-voltage range gives designers extra headroom for specifying the power rail, and also enables the use of a single stock-keeping unit to serve multiple product designs using power rails at various voltages.

Ultra low-noise of 8 µVrms makes the device ideal for applications in which clean voltage rails are important for system performance, such as the operational amplifiers, ADCs, DACs and other precision analog circuitry in test and measurement or audio equipment. High output-voltage accuracy of ±0.6% gives improved output-voltage sensing. 

The LDO implements a power good circuit which indicates that the output voltage is in regulation. This signal could be used for power sequencing with a delay function, or as a microcontroller reset. This means that the NCP731 allows the implementation of complex power-supply designs with sequencing and improved brown-out protection using fewer components.

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