Ultra-slim connectors ideal for high-density lighting applications

The DF59S and DF59SN connectors from Hirose have a very low mated height. The floating structure permits movement in all three axes, giving design flexibility and wide tolerance in the production process.

Hirose has introduced the DF59S/SN series of compact, single-pole board-to-board connectors for LED lighting applications.Ā 

The connectors consist of a joining plug and a board-mounted receptacle to give a coplanar board-to-board connection. The non-moulded design of the receptacle has a low profile when mated: just 1.18 mm in the slim-profile DF59S, and 1.20 mm in the ultra-slim DF59SN. The connectorsā€™ pitch is just 2 mm.

The receptacle is common to both plug types, and features a friction lock which provides a positive tactile sensation and an audible click when mated. This confirms the connector is fully engaged, ensuring a complete electrical and mechanical connection.

The DF59S/SN connectors have a three-axis floating structure. This permits movement of Ā±0.5 mm in the x and y directions, and Ā±0.2 mm in the z direction, giving flexibility during installation when multiple boards are used. Special innovative, robust, stress-free contacts protect the contact area from any mechanical stress during the floating process.

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