Waterproof circular connectors provide robust performance in industrial applications

VULCONā„¢ connectors from NorComp give designers a flexible choice of board-mounting options. Systems based on the VULCON circular connectors can keep signal integrity high even in the presence of strong noise sources.

VULCONā„¢ circular connectors from NorComp offer a robust, waterproof cable-to-panel or cable-to-PCB interface that is ideal for use in demanding industrial applications such as factory- or warehouse-floor robots.Ā Ā 

The VULCON circular connectors save space, occupying less room than rectangular connectors that have the same number of contacts. The VULCON product range is available in three sizes, M5, M8, and M12, and with from two to 12 positions.Ā 

These connectors offer IP67 or IP68 protection ratings in both the mated and unmated condition. They also feature full metal shells to give excellent shielding against EMI and RF interference, helping systems to maintain high signal integrity.

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