Waterproof connectors in USB Type-C format feature 240 W power rating

The USB4720 and USB4730 from Global Connector Technology provide flexible options to fit different production environments and requirements, and can be soldered directly to the board.

The USB4720 and USB4730 from Global Connector Technology are waterproof connectors in USB Type-C® format which support the highest 240 W power rating specified in the USB Power Delivery standard. These connectors are 100% tested for compliance with the requirements of an IP67 rating, both mated and unmated.

The 16-position USB4720 and USB4730 are intended for use in USB 2.0 applications in which ingress protection is required. 

The mid-mount USB4720 is supplied with a fitted liquid injection molding gasket that is suitable for solder processing. The connector has two independent grounding tags attached to the mid-plate and pins A1, B12, A12 and B1. The top-mount USB4730 is provided as standard in kit form: the gasket, which has the part number USBTJ-04, requires fitment after solder processing. For high-volume applications in which PCB assembly may be separate from the box build, it is possible to procure the connector and gasket independently.

Both models can be soldered directly to the PCB with no need for additional fixings or processes.

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