Power Integrations

The RDK-919Q is a development board for the INN3949CQ, a member of the InnoSwitch3-AQ family of power conversion ICs. Operating from an input-voltage range of 50 V to 1000 V dc, ideal for use in 800 V bus systems, the board provides an isolated power supply for loads of up to 60 W, at an output voltage of 24 V. Conversion efficiency is 82%. 

The RDK-919Q works in hot conditions: at 85°C, it can provide a continuous 20 W output with an input at 1,000 V dc. 

The board offers all the benefits of secondary-side control with the simplicity of primary-side regulation: it is insensitive to transformer variation, and provides extremely fast transient response which is independent of load timing. The maximum output ripple voltage is 240 mV.


Monolithic Power Systems

The EV06W0503A-3-Y-00A is an evaluation board designed to demonstrate the capabilities of the MID06W0503A-3, a semi-regulated, isolated DC/DC converter. The MID06W0503A-3 supports a 3 kVDC isolation voltage.