The IGLOO2 Evaluation Kit makes it easier to develop embedded devices for motor control, system management, industrial automation or high-speed serial I/O applications based on the IGLOO2 FPGAs. These FPGAs are notable for their strong feature integration, low power consumption, exceptional reliability, and proven security. 

 The IGLOO2 Evaluation Kit provides a platform to develop transceiver I/O-based FPGA designs for PCI Express- and Gigabit Ethernet-based systems. The board is compliant with the small form-factor PCIe format, allowing quick prototyping and evaluation using any desktop PC or laptop with a PCIe slot. 

 The kit enables developers to:

  • Develop and test PCI Express Gen2 x1 lane designs
  • Test signal quality of the FPGA transceiver using full-duplex SERDES SMA pairs
  • Measure the low power consumption of the IGLOO2 FPGA
  • Quickly create a working PCIe link 

The board includes an RJ45 interface to 10/100/1000 Ethernet, 512 Mbits of LPDDR, 64 Mbits of SPI Flash, and USB-UART connections as well as I2C, SPI and GPIO headers.

Future Electronics

The Avalanche development kit from Future Electronics provides a full-featured system environment for the development of applications based on the mid-range PolarFire FPGA from Microchip, a device which is notable for its low-power operation, security capabilities, and immunity to single-event upsets.