Internal 150 W ac-dc power supply features very low standby power consumption

The VGS-150C from CUI Inc is an internal power supply in a metal case which offers the safety and standards compliance required in many industrial and domestic products.

Robust industrial ac-dc power supplies in convenient chassis-mount package

The CUI Inc PSK-10D-T family are encapsulated 10 W ac-dc power supplies that provide the wide temperature range, managed EMI emissions and safety ratings required for use in factory and industrial systems.

6 W isolated dc-dc converters operate reliably in harsh environments

CUI Inc PQDE6W-U power converters, in a rugged U-frame package, support an industrial operating-temperature range, making them ideal for use in harsh environments, and with a wide set of input- and output-voltage options.

Compact dc-dc converter modules operate over wide input-voltage range

CUI Inc VXO78-500-M series converters provide accurate voltage outputs and tight line regulation to ease integration into demanding industrial applications. The module’s surface-mount open-frame package occupies a small footprint.