Low-power redriver improves signal integrity of high-speed MIPI data paths

Diodes Incorporated has announced the latest addition to its broad portfolio of ReDrivers™ products with the release of a 1.8 V, 2.5 Gbits/s redriver which has four data lanes. The DIODES™ PI2MEQX2505 redriver is the industry’s first to support the MIPI D-PHY 1.2 protocol. The PI2MEQX2505 enables board designers to extend trace lengths without compromising latency or power consumption.

Automotive precision op amp combines wide dynamic range with low-noise operation

Diodes Incorporated has introduced the AS2376Q, a precision operational amplifier for automotive systems. The device is ideal for the signal conditioning circuit in applications that operate at high frequency, such as on-board chargers and dc-dc converters.