Compact USB Type-C connectors support 10 Gbits/s data-transfer rate

CX series connectors from Hirose provide the robust mating performance and solid construction needed to meet the requirements of industrial and automotive applications. The connectors are well suited to automated production environments.

Coaxial connector saves space in 5G mobile applications

C.FL series connectors from Hirose, which support signal transmission at frequencies up to 30 GHz, have a mated height of less than 1 mm and a board footprint of 4mm2.

Automotive wire-to-board connector withstands temperatures up to 125°C

The miniature, low-profile ZE05 is a robust wire-to-board connector from Hirose which helps to save board space while maintaining a secure and reliable connection in automotive conditions.

Space-saving FPC connector features robust single-action lock

Hirose FH72 series connector is just 0.9 mm high and has a contact pitch of 0.3 mm. The new Hirose FH72 series of flexible printed circuit (FPC) connectors is designed for quick, fail-safe installation in space-constrained applications.

With a contact pitch of just 0.3 mm and a height of 0.9 mm, this compact connector is suitable for small applications where space on the board is at a premium.

High-current wire-to-board connector provides for secure locking

Hirose supplies the DF63 series of small, high-powered wire-to-board connectors for use in industrial equipment that must achieve high levels of reliability.