Antenna band-switching evaluation board speeds time to market for IoT and handheld devices

The 1004795-EC646-01 antenna band switching evaluation board from Kyocera AVX provides an easy way to evaluate an antenna for cellular and low-power wide-area networks at frequencies up to 2.17 GHz. 

New connector range supports space-saving single-pair Ethernet installations

The 6780 series of connectors from KYOCERA AVX provides a standards-compliant way to produce single-pair Ethernet equipment, simplifying network architectures and lowering bill-of-materials and installation costs.

Supercapacitors excel in applications requiring pulse power output

Offering long lifetime and very low ESR, the SCM series of electrochemical double-layer capacitor (EDLC)  from Kyocera are designed for applications which require a pulse power output.


The 1004795-EC646-01 Antenna Band Switching Evaluation Board from KYOCERA AVX enables engineers to reduce the number of design iterations, improve accuracy, and speed time-to-market for smaller applications operating at low frequencies in the range 698 MHz to 960 MHz, or at higher frequencies of 1.71 GHz to 2.17 GHz.