New current-sense resistors ideal for automotive and consumer electronics markets

Current-sense resistors from Littelfuse are notable for precisely specified resistance values, so engineers can use voltage and current monitoring outputs with confidence in applications such as motor control.

Robust rocker switches ideal for industrial applications

The Littelfuse DSR series switches are supplied in various configuration options, including contact ratings up to 16 A and with or without illumination.

Compact new load switch provides comprehensive protection functions

The Littelfuse LS0504EDD12 load switch has low on-resistance and low shut-down current, making it ideal for use in battery-powered systems such as wearable devices and wireless headsets.

Triacs with isolated package provide UL-recognized solution for ac switching

New Littelfuse triacs handle high temperatures and voltages, providing a safe and reliable option for motor control, light dimming and home appliance applications.

1,500 V battery protection fuse provides fast response to fault currents

The ESR fuse from Littelfuse protects large battery installations in applications such as energy storage systems, battery racks, and hybrid solar power/energy storage systems.

Motor protection relay provides Bluetooth link for remote monitoring

The Littelfuse MP8000 relay features a comprehensive set of protection functions for safe and reliable operation of motors and pumps drawing current of up to 1,000 A.