The EVB90394 evaluation board from Melexis provides an easy way to connect the MLX90394 Triaxis® magnetometer IC to a microcontroller or measurement device.

The MLX90394 IC is mounted on the EVB90394 together with a 100 nF decoupling capacitor and three pull-up resistors. Two precision headers are available for compatibility with the Melexis Triaxis DVKMagnetic board, which is supplied separately. 

The DVKMagnetic kit provides an easy way to connect the EVB90394 to magnetic devices such as a rotary knob, linear slider and joystick, which are included in the kit along with an off-axis magnet holder. The interface also provides pin-outs for an external LCD display and Arduino/Mbed boards, which are not included.

Magnetic switch provides flexibility and pitch-independent dual outputs

The Melexis MLX92352 three-axis magnetic dual latch and switch provides a simple, PCB-less solution for speed, pulse or direction sensing in motor-control applications such as eBike cadence sensors and control knobs.


The EVB2 for Latch & Switch (LatchSwitchEVB2) is a compact and versatile board to program and control the MLX92362. It connects via USB. A Graphical User Interface (GUI) is provided.