The CryptoAuth Trust Manager kit from Microchip works with the Kudelski IoT software-as-a-service (SaaS) to offer public key infrastructure (PKI) service and in-field provisioning.  

The board contains the ECC608-TMNGTLS Trust Manager, which is a pre-provisioned variant of the ECC608 secure authentication IC. The ECC608-TMNGTLS will work in combination with the keySTREAM SaaS from Kudelski IoT. The device comes pre-provisioned with a set of cryptographic keys to connect to the keySTREAM SaaS.  

When deployed, the IoT device containing the ECC608-TMNGTLS will connect to the keySTREAM SaaS, which will give ownership of the IoT device to the intended owner by provisioning the device in the field with its custom PKI, symmetric keys, and/or data.

The CryptoAuth Trust Manager kit consists of the ECC608-TMNGTLS, a Microchip ATSAMD21E18A as the main microcontroller, an onboard debugger, and a user-defined switch and user-defined LEDs.  

The main MCU comes pre-programmed with the Microchip Security and Computing Group (SCG) kit protocol. This protocol handles communication between the CryptoAuthentication devices and the host MCU over a USB interface. 

Various Microchip components can be used in conjunction with the EV10E69A board, including the ECC204, ECC206, SHA104, SHA105, SHA106, TA010, TA100 and TA101, by inserting the appropriate mikroBUS board into the mikroBUS header of the DM320118 board.


The PolarFire® SoC Icicle kit is a low-cost development platform that enables evaluation of the five-core Linux capable RISC-V microprocessor subsystem, innovative Linux, and real-time execution, low-power capabilities, and the rich set of peripherals of the PolarFire SoC FPGA.


This open-source development kit features a quad-core, 64-bit CPU cluster based on the RISC-V application-class processor that supports Linux® and real-time applications, a rich set of peripherals and 95K of low-power, high-performance FPGA logic elements.


The PIC16F131 Curiosity Nano evaluation kit from Microchip offers complete support for development with the PIC16F131 family of microcontrollers. With the award-winning MPLAB X integrated development platform and MPLAB Code Configurator (MCC), the kit enables access to the configurable logic block (CLB) module and other core-independent peripherals on the PIC16F13145 MCU. 

MCC is a free, graphical programming tool that enables designers to configure a wide array of peripherals and functions tailored to the application.

The kit’s contents are a PIC16F13145 Curiosity Nano evaluation board, and two 100mil, 1×15-pin header strips.

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