New Bluetooth LE module consumes low power in IoT applications

The Type 2EG module from Murata includes all the functions required for secure wireless communication, including an on-board antenna, matching network, power supply, and timing devices, simplifying IoT system development.

Compact LoRaWAN module offers low-power, application-ready platform

The Murata Type 1SJ module is a complete system including LoRaWAN radio, 32-bit microcontroller, memory, and system communications interfaces, giving designers a fast and easy way to implement low-power, wide-area networking.

600 W dc-dc regulator modules operate at up to 96% efficiency

The DSQ, DAQ and DCQ power supplies from Murata Power Solutions, which adopt the DOSA-standard quarter-brick footprint for distributed power systems, provide an option for PMBus digital control.

PTC thermistor provides resettable short-circuit protection

The surface-mount PRG series from Murata provides a flexible set of trip-current options. Compact dimensions make these thermistors suitable for use in space-constrained products such as smartphones.

MEMS motion sensors feature low offset and excellent linearity

New SCC400T MEMS sensors from Murata are easy to integrate into precision motion sensing applications such as robot arm control or platform stabilization, thanks to low noise and low offset drift.