New dc-dc converters meet fast-switching requirements of GaN-based systems

The MGN1 series of converter modules from Murata provides the ideal isolated power supply solution for the gate drivers required by GaN power switches. Compact dimensions ensure they can be accommodated in tightly-packed board layouts.

Space-saving chip ferrite beads ideal for automotive noise suppression

Murata has released the BLM15PX_SH1 and BLM15PX_BH1 series, the industry’s first chip ferrite beads in the small 0402 case size to be suitable for the suppression of power-supply line noise.

Tiny cellular module provides worldwide connectivity for IoT edge devices

New Type 1SE module from Murata includes high-performance ST microcontroller and a hardware security framework.

Murata has introduced a new space-saving cellular networking module for LTE Cat.M1 and NB-IoT connectivity which provides a complete application-ready platform for IoT and smart connected devices.