How to select power MOSFETs for battery-powered BLDC motor drives

Nexperia supplies a wide range of MOSFETs in space-saving package options. This Design Note examines the key product specifications that affect a MOSFET’s performance in a low-voltage BLDC motor drive.

How application-specific MOSFETs provide enhanced SOA for hot-swap and soft-start applications

The Nexperia range of application-specific FETs (ASFETs) are MOSFETs that offer special characteristics for certain applications. By optimizing the features of a MOSFET for an individual application, Nexperia has been able to give users substantial improvements in performance and effectiveness.

New MOSFETs double safe operating area to provide extra headroom for hot-swap and soft-start

Application-specific MOSFETs from Nexperia that feature optimized on-resistance and wide SOA can manage large inrush currents in 12 V power systems.

Nexperia has extended its portfolio of application-specific MOSFETs, or ASFETs for hot-swap and soft-start applications with the introduction of 10 new 25 V and 30 V devices.