Understanding the methods of trapezoidal control of BLDC motors

onsemi, which supplies a wide range of MOSFETs and power transistors, explains the factors to take into account when designing sensored or sensorless motor-control systems.

Power and motor-control solutions for autonomous mobile robots

Designs benefit from careful evaluation of components’ efficiency, precision and ease of integration. This review of the portfolio of onsemi products suggests ideal components for use in AMRs.

Autonomous mobile robots (AMRs) offer many benefits including improved safety and higher efficiency compared to vehicles piloted by humans. The safe and independent operation of these complex systems requires the careful integration of many technologies. The design considerations for two vital AMR systems, power management, and motion control, can be implemented with the latest components from onsemi.

Cameras based on onsemi image sensors record descent of Perseverance rover to Mars

High-performance cameras based on PYTHON CMOS image sensors from onsemi, a commercial off-the-shelf product, were selected for their global shutter capability, small optical format, high speed and versatility.

IEEE 802.3cg-compliant controller brings Ethernet to the edge of factory networks

The NCN26010 Ethernet controller from onsemi offers high noise immunity, maintaining reliable connectivity over a long range even in noisy industrial environments, and offers multiple node support to reduce the cost of installation.

Bluetooth Low Energy MCU provides integrated solution for smart connected devices

The RSL15 Bluetooth® Low Energy MCU from onsemi protects connected devices with a comprehensive set of advanced security functions including TrustZone® support and root-of-trust.

How the latest generation of 1,200 V IGBTs raises energy efficiency to a new level

By Hunter Freberg
Technical Marketing Engineer, onsemi

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