Ultra-low noise LDO operates over wide input-voltage range up to 38 V

The NCP731 from onsemi, an LDO with a maximum output current of 150 mA, provides the tightly regulated and stable power supply required by precision analog circuitry.

Compact 600 V motor controller simplifies design of efficient BLDC systems

The onsemi ECS640A integrates three-phase gate drive circuit, feedback circuitry and a microcontroller core capable of running various motor control algorithms in a single compact package.


The ecoSpin™ ECS640A Motor Control Development Kit enables designers to easily develop code for offline variable-speed brushless dc (BLDC) motor systems with power ratings from 50 W to 600 W at 230 V ac. The board can also be configured for power loads up to 150 W powered by 120 V ac mains supplies.

Power controller simplifies the circuit in half-bridge resonant converter designs

The NCP13994 from onsemi is a high-performance current-mode controller which integrates X2 capacitor discharge, start-up current source and gate drivers to reduce external component count in power supplies.

Global shutter image sensor accurately captures fast-moving scenes

The onsemi ARX383CS is an ⅛-inch CMOS digital VGA image sensor with an active-pixel array of 640 px x 480 px, giving resolution of 0.3 Mpixels, and operates at up to 120 frames/s in full resolution.