Easy-to-use demo kit provides simple implementation of mesh networking

The Wirepas Mesh Demo Kit features multiple sensor nodes based on the PAN1780 wireless module from Panasonic connected via ready-made mesh networking software from Symbiotech.

Panasonic Industry

The PAN1780 Wirepas Mesh Demo Kit is an evaluation kit consisting of four battery-powered PAN1780 sensor nodes, and a sink that allows the engineer to set up a Wirepas network in just a few steps, at any time and any place. 

The kit consists of: 

  • Four PAN1780 sensor nodes
  • One PAN1780 sink
  • Four Panasonic CR2032 batteries

Relay with forcibly guided contacts features space-saving flat housing

The SF-M relay from Panasonic offers safety standard compliance, making it ideal for use in industrial and building automation applications that have special safety requirements.