Medical-grade 6 W ac-dc converter occupies tiny 1” x 1” footprint

The space-saving RACM06E-K/277 from RECOM operates from a universal mains power input, and offers a choice of output-voltage options. This converter is certified for use in medical, industrial and home applications.

Ac-dc power modules feature very low stand-by power consumption

RAC15-K modules from RECOM enable developers to achieve low average power in systems such as wireless IoT devices that draw brief bursts of peak current for radio transmissions between long periods in sleep mode.

Dc-dc converter modules offer very high power density

RECOM RPX modules’ outstanding thermal performance and innovative 3D Power Package technology enable fanless operation at high ambient temperatures while supplying output currents up to 4.0 A.

New 1 W and 0.5 W-rated dc-dc converters extend appeal of modules in SOIC-16 package

RECOM R05C05TE05S and R05CT05S-R dc-dc converter modules are ideal for applications that operate in light-load mode. Manufacturers will also appreciate the converters’ low EMI and attractive cost.


The RPX-4.0-EVM-1 generates a constant output voltage selectable from 1.0 V dc to 7 V dc from a dc input in the range of 4 – 36 V dc. It has a maximum continuous output current of 4.0 A.


The RPX-1.5Q-EVM-1 generates a constant output voltage selectable from 0.8VDC, 1.8VDC, 3.3VDC, 5VDC, 12VDC, 15VDC or 24VDC from a DC input in the range of 4 – 36VDC. It has a maximum continuous output current of 1.5A.

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