Integrated motor driver chip ideal for three-phase applications

The STDRIVE101 single-chip motor driver from STMicroelectronics enables designers of motors or inverters to reduce component count and simplify their system board design.

New low- and high-side bidirectional current sense amplifiers feature very low drift

TSC21x series from STMicroelectronics provides a wide range of gain options to enable designers to find the right fit for their industrial or automotive application.

Ultra low-power digital temperature sensor offers ±0.5°C accuracy

Housed in a 4mm2 package, the STTS22H from STMicroelectronics is factory-calibrated, and accuracy up to 125°C is verified with traceable equipment.

Dual op amp features 200 mA output per channel

The STMicroelectronics TSB582 offers high gain-bandwidth product and rail-to-rail output, while robust protection features are valuable in industrial and automotive applications.

Ultra-low power three-axis accelerometer for industrial and battery-powered applications

The STMicroelectronics IIS2DLPC offers four low-power modes which can be selected on-the-fly to adapt the accelerometer’s operation to the requirements of the application.

Three-phase 600 V driver with embedded controller offers ready-made solution for BLDC motors

STSPIN32F0601 from STMicroelectronics combines an MCU for running popular motor-control algorithms with three-phase gate-drive circuit in a single package, helping simplify board designs and accelerate BLDC motor development.

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