Future Electronics



We are demonstrating with our partner TE Connectivity & Abracon what we are able to support on top of regular semiconductor for embedded systems (mainly processors & FPGAs) :


Connector (USB, Ethernet w/wo Magnetics, MINI HDMI)

Power modules

Memory headers (DIMM, SDCARD)

Heater & FAN

Battery holder


Our system solution approach will help our customers to save time and to ensure best fit regarding

  • time to market
  • availability & price
  • technical requirement
  • longevity (commercial)



Thanks to our Design for Resilience program we are also capable to provide cross references at R&D stage to quickly multisource your bill of material (BOM). This ensure your hardware is more “resilient” against supply chain disruption that may happen again.

A dedicated experienced Interconnect and Electromechanical team is able to assist, support across the entire journey.


System Solution Expertise 

Future Electronics Field application engineers are able to support you on all aspect of your embedded system, finetune choices, multisource them and ensure everything works well together.

We have an extended partnership with most of the key component suppliers (semiconductor, passive, interconnect / electromechanical, modules).

High-voltage connectors withstand strong vibrations in EVs and HEVs

Robust IPT-HD high-voltage power bolt connectors from TE Connectivity handle extreme temperatures, and offer various IP rating options for use in harsh automotive environments.

Connectors reduce applied cost of assembling cable harnesses

The MTA 100 and MTA 156 series from TE Connectivity support mass termination assembly to reduce the labor required to connect multiple cables.

30 A PCB relay saves space in industrial equipment

The T9G series from TE Connectivity has a standard footprint, and features innovative design that maintains distance between coil and contacts in a small enclosure.

Circular connectors with lightweight, all-plastic shells ideal for rugged designs

The TE Connectivity (TE) Circular Plastic Connectors (CPC) offer excellent resistance to UV radiation and are rugged, cost-effective and reliable connectors that can carry both signals and power.

Complete connector system eases assembly of controls and sensors in streetlights

The LUMAWISE Endurance S connector system from TE Connectivity supports Zhaga Book 18 and Z10 applications and connects light sensors and networked lighting controls in streetlights and area lighting.