Automotive linear optocoupler offers fast response and high isolation voltage

The Vishay VOA300 ensures fast data transfer and stable gain over temperature, to provide for reliable and timely detection of power faults in electric vehicle battery systems.

Power MOSFETs in space-saving package run at up to 175°C

The SiJH series MOSFETs from Vishay are housed in a thermally efficient PowerPAK package which is 57% thinner than the familiar D2PAK package commonly used for MOSFETs, and occupies a 60% smaller board footprint.

45 V MOSFET provides more efficient alternative to 60 V devices in low-voltage applications

The SiR608DP from Vishay features low on-resistance, gate charge and output capacitance, while offering higher breakdown capability than a 40 V MOSFET.

20 A dc-dc regulator module in new space-saving package design

The SiC931 dc-dc regulator module from Vishay provides a complete power-conversion system for stepping a 4.5 V to 18 V input down to an adjustable output voltage ranging between 0.6 V and 5.5 V.

Space-saving automotive polymer tantalum chip capacitors offer low ESR

Vishay T51 series capacitors in compact D and V case sizes operate at temperatures up to 125°C, and provide a space-saving alternative to traditional tantalum and aluminum capacitors and MLCCs.

1 Mbaud optocoupler features built-in Schmitt trigger

The VOH1016A from Vishay is a 1 Mbaud high-speed optocoupler which includes an open-collector transistor output with Schmitt trigger functionality for easy integration into digital systems.