The development kit for the NGC1081 tag-side controller demonstrates the functions of energy harvesting, an NFC interface, a sensing unit, and motor control. The product is based on a 32-bit Arm® Cortex®-M0 processor core operating at a frequency of 28 MHz.

Bosch Sensortec

The Bosch Sensortec BMA530 shuttle board 3.0 is a PCB with the acceleration sensor BMA530 mounted on it. In combination with the application board 3.x, the shuttle board can be used to evaluate various functionalities provided on BMA530. The shuttle board allows easy access to the sensor pins via a simple socket and can be directly plugged into the Bosch Sensortec application board 3.x.


The CY8CKIT-040T evaluation kit demonstrates the key capabilities of the PSoC™ 4000T series of microcontrollers. These newly introduced MCUs feature the fifth generation of Infineon’s CAPSENSE™ technology, which offers: 

  • Superior touch-sensing performance, with best-in-class sensitivity and signal-to-noise ratio, and high immunity to harsh environmental conditions such as temperature and moisture
  • Ultra low-power consumption for always-on sensing
  • Superior liquid tolerance – the CY8CKIT-040T kit can be dipped into liquids such as soapy water, seawater or mineral water up to the immersible line, or sprayed with liquid droplets without reporting any false touches

The STEVAL-56G3MAI1 module enables easy evaluation of the VD56G3 1.5 Mpixel monochrome image sensor from STMicroelectronics. The module features a soldered sensor in a PLCC package, an M12 lens holder screwed to the board, and a removable lens. The module also has a flex cable to connect to a broad range of embedded processing platforms. 

The module is one of a family of modules for evaluating various products in the ST BrightSense image sensor portfolio. All share the same standard connector and pinout, to enable easy replacement of one image sensor with another in proof-of-concept designs. 

All of the image sensor modules are backed by a comprehensive set of enablement software, drivers and evaluation tools, including drivers for a Linux® operating system. The modules also support GUI software for evaluation when paired with the STEVAL-EVK-U0I1EVK evaluation board. 

Linux® is the registered trademark of Linus Torvalds in the U.S. and other countries.


The EVALSTGAP2SICS half-bridge board from STMicroelectronics enables evaluation of the STGAP2SICS, an isolated single-channel gate driver for silicon carbide (SiC) MOSFETs. The STGAP2SiCS produces an output drive current of up to 4 A, and offers galvanic isolation of 6 kV. 

In the EVALSTGAP2SiCS board, the STGAP2SiCS drives a half-bridge power stage with a voltage rating of up to 1,200 V. The components are easy to access on the board and to modify.  

The board supports negative gate driving. Onboard isolated dc-dc converters supply the high- and low-side gate drivers, with maximum isolation of 5.2 kV. 

The configuration of the drive voltage can be easily selected from the following options:

  • +17 V/0 V
  • +17 V/-3 V
  • +19 V/0 V
  • +19 V/-3 V