The STEVAL-LLL014V1 evaluation kit features the SPC582B60E1 32-bit automotive-grade microcontroller for controlling the ALED7709 LED driver via an I2C interface. The main board can be configured and controlled via a Mini-USB connection to a PC running the STSW-LLL014GUI software. The kit also includes an LED board with four strings of 10 LEDs.Ā 

The STEVAL-LLL014V1 enables the user to disconnect the ALED7709 device from the on-board MCU so that it may be controlled using an external I2C interface during development.

The control board supports an input voltage ranging from 4.5 V to 42 V. By default, the ALED7708 is configured in boost mode operating at 400 kHz with spread spectrum, but this is disabled if the input voltage is less than 6 V. The output current for LED control is adjustable with up to 150 mA per channel.


The EV-L99LDLH32GEN board provides a way to connect the L99LDLH32 multi-channel automotive LED driver to an existing system. To connect a lighting load, it is necessary to design a specific adapter board suited to the chosen OLED panel.



The RNBD451 Add-On Board is an efficient, low-cost development platform based on the RNBD451PE BluetoothĀ® Low Energy module from Microchip.Ā 

The board complies with the mikroBUSā„¢ add-on bus standard. It also includes an on-board MCP2200 USB-to-UART converter, enabling out-of-the-box evaluation with no other hardware requirements.

The RNBD451 Add-On Board supports a wide range of applications:

  • Wireless lighting
  • Home automation
  • IoT devices
  • Industrial automation
  • General-purpose Bluetooth data exchange

The RL78/G16 Fast Prototyping Board is easy to use – simply plug in a USB cable to write/debug a program and start evaluation without any additional tools.Ā 

The board, which is based on a 32-pin RL78/G16 MCU, also enables advanced debugging using the E2 emulator Lite or the traditional E2 emulator. The board is supplied with Arduino Uno, Pmodā„¢ and Grove interfaces, and has high scalability with access to all pins on the MCU. It is equipped with two touch buttons and one touch slider.


The REF_ICL8820_LED_43W_JT is a 43W reference design featuring Infineonā€™s flyback controllerĀ ICL8820. The board is a constant voltage (CV) secondary-side regulated (SSR) system and is intended to be used with a constant current (CC) converter forĀ LED lighting applications.


The RL78/G15 Fast Prototyping Board is an evaluation board based on the RL78/G15 microcontroller and is specifically designed for prototyping various applications.