The RNBD451 Add-On Board is an efficient, low-cost development platform based on the RNBD451PE Bluetooth® Low Energy module from Microchip. 

The board complies with the mikroBUS™ add-on bus standard. It also includes an on-board MCP2200 USB-to-UART converter, enabling out-of-the-box evaluation with no other hardware requirements.

The RNBD451 Add-On Board supports a wide range of applications:

  • Wireless lighting
  • Home automation
  • IoT devices
  • Industrial automation
  • General-purpose Bluetooth data exchange

The SIP32433xEVB evaluation boards provide a convenient tool for evaluating the operation of the SIP32433A load switch, with latch off, and SIP32433B with auto retry. Operating from a supply-voltage range of 3 V to 23 V, the boards demonstrate the programmable current-limit range of the two devices, 150 mA to 3.5 A. 

The boards provide an input path current-sense resistor for current probing, and an onboard MOSFET for output short-circuit testing.


The FS3000-EVK enables the quick discovery of the sensitivity and response of the FS3000 module to air flows. The kit includes a FS3000 module adapter board, together with an extension cable to enable the engineer to take measurements at the point of interest, such as inside an air duct.

The kit is powered by a 3.3 V battery supply. It is supplied with an interface board that has an OLED display. Renesas software enables logging of the sensor’s measurement data.


The LAN9383 Evaluation Board provides a convenient and compact evaluation platform for a seven-port, safe and secure family of time-sensitive networking (TSN) Gigabit Ethernet switches. This evaluation board comes with five integrated 100BASE-T1 PHYs and an RGMII port that connects to a KSZ9131 PHY: this enables a standard 100/1000BASE-T uplink. An onboard LAN8672 10BASE-T1S PHY supports a multi-drop 10BASE-T1S network with up to eight nodes. 

Functional safety-ready, the board includes an Arm® Cortex®-M7 core-based sub-system with integrated Flash code memory.

Monolithic Power Systems

The EVQ1923-RE-00A evaluation board demonstrates the capabilities of the MPQ1923-AEC1, a high-frequency half-bridge gate driver that has a voltage rating of 100 V. The MPQ1923-AEC1 is intended for use in motor drivers, and in other power-control applications in telecoms servers, and avionics and industrial equipment. 

The EVQ1923-RE-00A is configured as a buck converter.


The 6 to 75 V wide input voltage range STEVAL-L3751V12 synchronous buck evaluation board features an extreme voltage conversion ratio over switching frequency.