1 Mbaud optocoupler features built-in Schmitt trigger

The VOH1016A from Vishay is a 1 Mbaud high-speed optocoupler which includes an open-collector transistor output with Schmitt trigger functionality for easy integration into digital systems.

The low turn-on threshold current and supply current of the VOH1016A, combined with a minimum common-mode transient immunity of 10 kV/μs, make the optocoupler ideal for galvanic noise isolation, and for breaking up ground loops in digital applications. A wide supply-voltage range of 3 V to 15 V enables isolated level shifting in applications using multiple voltage domains. 

The VOH1016A uses an efficient input LED coupled with an integrated photodiode detector IC. It is supplied in two package styles: a DIP-6 and a surface-mount SMD-6 package.

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