100 V MOSFET provides wide SOA and low on-resistance for use in PoE applications

The ISZ113N10NM5LF from Infineon provides the robust performance required in power sourcing equipment (PSE) for reliably powering connected powered devices.

The ISZ113N10NM5LF from Infineon is a 100 V OptiMOS™ 5 linear MOSFET which is ideal for performing the soft-start function in Power-over-Ethernet (PoE) applications. 

The design of PoE systems that comply with the IEEE 802.3bt standard stretches the capabilities of the power system, as it calls for high power output per port, power delivery via all four pairs of the Ethernet cable, support for lower standby power, as well as the autoclass function to match power output to the needs of the powered device. 

OptiMOS 5 MOSFETs such as the N-channel ISZ113N10NM5LF are suited to PoE systems that have the latest high-power PSE controllers because of their very low on-resistance and wide safe operating area (SOA). A wide SOA is especially important for handling short-circuit conditions and high power dissipation, maintaining safe operation until the PSE controller shuts down the port due to the fault event.

The ISZ113N10NM5LF is available in a space-efficient PG-TSDSON-8-31 (3.3 mm x 3.3 mm PQFN) package, and is fully qualified according to JEDEC standards for industrial applications.

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