1,500 V battery protection fuse provides fast response to fault currents

The ESR fuse from Littelfuse protects large battery installations in applications such as energy storage systems, battery racks, and hybrid solar power/energy storage systems.

The Littelfuse Energy Storage Rack (ESR) 1,500 V battery protection fuse responds quickly to a range of fault currents, to safeguard battery modules or other devices.

The ESR is a high-speed, square-body fuse which offers superior short-circuit protection and a low minimum breaking capacity from three times the fuse’s rated current up to 175 kA, and 250 kA when self-certified. This means that it protects against a range of over-current events that traditional high-speed partial-range fuses do not. The low minimum breaking current also reduces the size and rating of a battery system’s dc contactors to save space and cost. 

The ESR fuse affords the ability to scale up systems without the need to redesign existing circuit protection, saving time and costs. 

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