6 W isolated dc-dc converters operate reliably in harsh environments

CUI Inc PQDE6W-U power converters, in a rugged U-frame package, support an industrial operating-temperature range, making them ideal for use in harsh environments, and with a wide set of input- and output-voltage options.

Producing 6 W of continuous power, the PQDE6W-U series isolated dc-dc converters from CUI Inc are housed in a compact chassis-mount U-frame package that provides for easy installation.Ā 

These low-profile modules feature a 4:1 input-voltage range, and are available with both single and dual regulated outputs. Input-voltage options are either 9 V to 36 V, or 18 V to 75 V. Single output-voltage options are 3.3 V, 5 V, 9 V, 12 V, 15 V and 24 V, and the dual options are -5/5 V, -12/12 V, -15/15 V and -24/24 V.Ā 

The convertersā€™ wide operating-temperature range and 1.5 kV of isolation make them suitable for use in the harsh operating conditions of renewable energy, railway, and industrial applications.

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