600 V IPM provides complete inverter power stage for electric motors

The NFA42060R42 from onsemi is a Motion SPM 45 intelligent power module (IPM) which provides a complete inverter output power stage suitable for various types of electric motor.

NFA42060R42 from onsemi provides multiple system protection functions.

The 600 V/20 A NFA42060R42 combines a three-phase IGBT-based inverter circuit with an integrated high-voltage gate drive circuit and multiple system protection features. The 600 V NFA41560R42 IPM mirrors the features of the NFA42060R42, but has a maximum 15 A current rating. 

The gate drivers of the modules are tuned to match the characteristics of the IGBTs, minimizing EMI and power losses. The multiple on-module protection features include under-voltage lockout, over-current shutdown, thermal monitoring and fault reporting. 

The IPM’s high-speed driver IC requires only a single supply voltage. It translates incoming logic-level gate inputs to the high-voltage, high-current signals required to properly drive the internal IGBTs. Separate negative IGBT terminals are available for each phase so that the module can support the widest variety of control algorithms.

The onsemi IPMs are mounted on a ceramic substrate which is notable for its low thermal resistance, enhancing the dissipation of heat generated by the IGBTs. Built-in bootstrap diodes and dedicated supply-voltage pins simplify the application PCB layout.



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