650 V MOSFET produces efficient power-conversion performance

The SiHK045N60E power switch from Vishay combines low on-resistance with low gate charge to give low switching and conduction losses in switching power converters. The part is also notable for its low output capacitance.

The fourth generation of Vishay E series MOSFET technology provides an improved figure-of-merit, for more efficient performance in power-conversion applications.Ā 

The 650 V SiHK045N60E power MOSFET takes advantage of the E series technology to produce excellent switching and conduction characteristics. The device offers a low figure-of-merit for the product of on-resistance and gate charge. On-resistance at a gate-source voltage of 10 V is 43 mā„¦. Maximum gate charge is 98 nC.Ā 

Energy-related effective output capacitance is another attractive feature of the SiHK045N60E, at just 117 pF.Ā 

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