Ac-dc power converter controller includes high-voltage start-up generator

The STMicroelectronics STNRG012 controller provides a high level of integration, combining a PFC stage controller and an LLC resonant half-bridge controller with the 800 V start-up circuit.

The STNRG012 from STMicroelectronics combines a PFC controller, a high-voltage LLC resonant half-bridge controller, an 800 V-rated start-up generator and a sophisticated digital engine that manages the operation of the three power stages.

Supplied in a 20-pin SO package with a footprint of 13.0 mm x 7.6 mm, the STNRG012 offers an excellent solution for high-efficiency PFC converters that have to comply with stringent energy-saving regulations.

The PFC controller supports both transition mode and discontinuous conduction mode. It can operate from either a mains ac or a dc line input. 

The power system and the control algorithms are managed by an 8-bit core with dedicated fast peripherals, and the chip benefits from high-performance digital algorithms and analog IP. Application parameters can be stored in non-volatile memory in production, giving engineers considerable ability to configure and calibrate their system. 

A UART interface enables system monitoring, storage of black-box data in external Flash, and uploading software updates from external Flash.

Application Note, 200 W LED driver using the STNRG012

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