Ac-dc power modules feature very low stand-by power consumption

RAC15-K modules from RECOM enable developers to achieve low average power in systems such as wireless IoT devices that draw brief bursts of peak current for radio transmissions between long periods in sleep mode.

The RAC15-K series of 15 W ac-dc power regulation modules from RECOM are ideal for IoT and wireless applications which spend long periods in stand-by mode, thanks to their low energy losses especially in light-load conditions.Ā 

These highly integrated power modules support a universal mains input-voltage range of 85 V ac to 264 V ac, and are also specified for a dc input-voltage range of 120 V to 370 V. The modules are available in four variants with a fixed output voltage of 5 V, 12 V, 15 V, or 24 V dc. Typical peak conversion efficiency is up to 86%.Ā 

Operating over a temperature range of -40Ā°C to 85Ā°C, the RAC15-K products hold international safety certifications for a wide range of end product types, including industrial equipment, audio-visual and IT equipment, and household appliances. They provide fully protected single or dual outputs.Ā 

The modules achieve EMC Class B compliance without the need for external components. The RAC15-K modules are supplied in a standard 2ā€ x 1ā€ surface-mount package outline. They are available from stock in high volume from Future Electronics.

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