Accurate LDO voltage regulator ideal for battery-powered products

The STMicroelectronics LD56020 is a high-accuracy voltage regulator which is suitable for use in low-power and battery-powered applications thanks to its ultra-low dropout voltage and low quiescent current.

LD56020 from STMicroelectronics provides low-noise output of up to 0.2 A.

Operating from an input voltage ranging between a very low 1.1 V and 5.5 V, the LD56020 regulates the output voltage with very high accuracy. The device supplies a fixed output voltage in a range between 0.6 V and 4.0 V, selectable in 50 mV steps. Output voltage tolerance is ±2% over the entire operating-temperature range, and just ±1% at 25°C. 

The LD56020, which is stabilized with a small ceramic capacitor on the input and output, supplies an output current of up to 0.2 A. An enable logic control function puts the LD56020 in shutdown mode, in which it draws less than 0.1 µA. The device features thermal shutdown protection and a short-circuit current fold-back function. 

The LD56020 LDO is supplied in a choice of two packages: 

  • Four-lead flip-chip package with a footprint of 0.65 mm x 0.65 mm
  • Five-lead SOT23
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