Analog-rich configurable MCUs provide integrated platform for signal-chain designs

The PSoC 6 family of configurable MCUs from Infineon gives designers great flexibility to implement a single-chip analog front-end using an array of programmable analog blocks alongside the renowned CAPSENSE touch-sensing technology.

The configurable PSoCā„¢ 62 Performance Line and PSoC 61 Entry-Level Line microcontrollers from Infineon provide a wide range of analog and sensor capabilities to enable the realization of custom analog front-ends and sophisticated sensor interfaces that are out of reach of other ArmĀ® CortexĀ®-M core-based MCUs.Ā 

The PSoC 6 architecture is built on an ultra low-power 40 nm process technology. This produces microcontrollers that achieve high energy efficiency and extend battery life in low-power applications such as secure wearable and mobile devices.Ā 

The rich set of analog capabilities in the PSoC 6 family enables designers to replace multiple discrete analog ICs with a single-chip combination of an analog front-end and MCU. PSoC 6 implementations of an analog front-end are characterized by high precision, low power consumption and low leakage current.Ā 

A choice of dual-core Arm Cortex-M4 or Cortex-M0+ architectures lets designers optimize for power and performance simultaneously. In addition, the ability of the deviceā€™s analog peripherals to operate autonomously while the CPU is in deep sleep mode provides for substantial power savings.Ā 

The MCUā€™s software-defined peripherals enable the creation of custom analog front-ends or digital interfaces for innovative system components such as electronic ink displays. The PSoC 6 MCUs also feature the latest generation of the CAPSENSEā„¢ capacitive-sensing technology, enabling modern touch and gesture-based interfaces that are robust and reliable.

The PSoC 62 line is particularly well suited to sensing and signal chain applications, thanks to its rich provision of programmable digital and analog resources. Infineon design examples include a low-power analog front-end that uses the PSoC 62ā€™s on-chip operational amplifier and SAR ADC. Infineon has also demonstrated a single-chip solution for a sensor hub based on the PSoC 62, integrating an analog front-end, digital peripherals, and a CAPSENSE-based capacitive touch user interface.Ā 

Security is also well provided for in the PSoC 6 MCUs through built-in capabilities such as hardware cryptographic accelerators, and memory and peripheral protection units.

The entry-level PSoC 61 MCUs provide the lowest-cost way to use a PSoC 6 device. PSoC 61 MCUs are based on a single Arm Cortex-M4 core, and enjoy the same development support through the ModusToolboxā„¢ development software libraries and tools as the other PSoC 6 products.

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