New type of smart connector provides cloud-enabled functions in a C14 power entry module

SCHURTER breaks new ground with the launch of the DS11, a Wi-Fi radio-enabled smart plug that enables energy monitoring, preventive maintenance and fleet management via a cloud-based software ecosystem.

SCHURTER has launched the DS11, the world’s first ‘embedded Smart Connector’, a Wi-Fi¼ network-enabled device that can be installed as a power entry module in almost any electronic device or system, and that connects to monitoring and other functions hosted in the cloud. The DS11 enables equipment and device manufacturers to offer their customers various smart  functions without any costly development and engineering work.

The DS11, part of a new portfolio of smart products from SCHURTER, is a C14 appliance power inlet compatible with IEC 60320-1 specifications, and features a built-in Wi-Fi 802.11b/g/n radio. It is backed by a comprehensive, cloud-based software system that is free of charge to users. Users can access the DS11 remotely via this Smart Ecosystem, which includes a Smart Connector app.  

The new smart connector can be used for a wide range of functions enabled by cloud software systems. These include:

  • Monitoring the energy consumption of electronic equipment, it performs active energy monitoring to an accuracy of ±0.2%
  • Configuring intervals between preventive maintenance events
  • Fleet management of connected electrical devices 

A serial interface to the device processor enables the implementation of data visualization, energy and asset management, the provision of device maintenance information, and other cloud-based services.

An integrated V-Lock cord retention system prevents accidental unplugging.

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