Coaxial connector saves space in 5G mobile applications

C.FL series connectors from Hirose, which support signal transmission at frequencies up to 30 GHz, have a mated height of less than 1 mm and a board footprint of 4mm2.

Hirose has introduced the C.FL series of miniature connectors that support 30 GHz signal transmission, suitable for 5G mobile telephone equipment.

While typical 3G and 4G connectors offer limited frequency bandwidth, the Hirose C.FL connectors meet all the requirements of 5G networks, including for millimeter wave signals. They offer low reflection loss and insertion loss, and provide the capabilities required for future mobile networking applications. 

The C.FL series connectors are ideal for space-constrained applications: board mounting area is 2 mm x 2 mm, and the connector has a mated height of 0.92 mm. The frequency characteristics of the connector have been enhanced by reducing the dimension of the male receptacle contact, and optimizing the internal design of the plug. 

The connector’s flexible cable, which has a diameter of 0.64 mm, is easy to route inside devices. The C.FL connectors are available in embossed packaging, which enables the plug and receptacles to be mounted automatically.

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