Compact fuses for SELV products provide fast protection against short-circuits

The UHS family of fuses from SCHURTER offers a breaking capacity of up to 2 kA, to enable galvanic isolation of low-voltage lithium-ion batteries in safety extra-low voltage (SELV) applications.

SCHURTER UHS fuses, which are available with current ratings up to 100 A, provide protection against short-circuits in products with a safety extra-low voltage (SELV) designation. 

In SELV products, very high currents can flow in the event of a short-circuit. The common use of cheap, powerful lithium-ion battery cells has increased the need in PCBs to shut off high currents in a controlled manner.

The compact, surface-mount UHS family of fuses is dedicated to this function, providing a high and fast breaking capacity triggered in the event of a very high over-current. Use of the UHS fuse allows the large store of energy in lithium-ion battery cells to be galvanically isolated in a controlled manner.

Rated Current Rated Voltage Package Marking Breaking Capacity Typical Cold Resistance
50 A 32 V UHS 50A Up to 1.5 kA at 16 V dc 1.82 mΩ
60 A 32 V UHS 60A Up to 1.5 kA at 16 V dc 1.5 mΩ
70 A 50 V UHS 70A Up to 2 kA at 16 V dc  1.03 mΩ
80 A 50 V UHS 80A Up to 2 kA at 16 V dc  0.88 mΩ
90 A 50 V UHS 90A Up to 2 kA at 16 V dc  0.77 mΩ
100 A 50 V UHS 100A Up to 2 kA at 16 V dc  0.71 mΩ
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