Compact SoM speeds time to market for processor-based designs

SAM9X60D1G-SOM from Microchip includes full software development support for bare metal or RTOS implementations

Microchip has expanded its portfolio of microprocessor systems-on-module (SoMs), launching the mid-range SAM9X60D1G-SOM, an embedded MPU module based on an ARM926EJ-S core running at up to 600 MHz. Software for the SAM9X60D1G-SOM is available with bare metal or RTOS support through the Microchip MPLAB¬ģ Harmony 3 embedded software framework, or through complete Linux¬ģ mainlined distributions.

The SoM, based on the SAM9X60D1G system-in-package (SiP), is a 28 mm × 28 mm hand-solderable module which includes the MPU and supporting DRAM memory in a single package. The SoM also features power supplies, clocks and storage. 

The SAM9X60D1G-SOM features 4 Gbits of single-level cell NAND Flash, providing ample capacity for data storage. The compact SAM9X60D1G-SOM also includes an MCP16501 power management IC (PMIC) which operates from a single 5 V voltage rail. 

The SAM9X60D1G-SOM fits easily into Ethernet-connected systems thanks to its on-board 10/100 KSZ8081 Ethernet transceiver and a 1 kbit serial EEPROM memory with pre-programmed media access controller address. 

Microchip gives design engineers options for specifying the level of security protection built into the module. Options include secure boot with on-chip secure key storage, a hardware encryption engine, and a true random number generator.

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