Complete connector system eases assembly of controls and sensors in streetlights

The LUMAWISE Endurance S connector system from TE Connectivity supports Zhaga Book 18 and Z10 applications and connects light sensors and networked lighting controls in streetlights and area lighting.

The TE Connectivity (TE) LUMAWISE Endurance S connector system is a complete set of products for connecting light sensors and networked lighting controls in streetlights and area lighting. 

There are two main offerings in the Endurance S family: 

  • The original Endurance S Zhaga Book 18 connector system is for D4i-controlled Zhaga Book 18-compliant luminaires
  • The Endurance S Keyed connector system enables non-Book 18 applications such as Z10

The LUMAWISE Endurance S system includes a receptacle, mounted to a street or area light fixture, as well as several bases and domes that together form a robust enclosure for connecting sensor modules and networked lighting controls. 

The compact design is resistant to ultraviolet radiation and is IP66-rated. The connector can be mounted on the top, bottom or side of a luminaire.

TE has also extended the Endurance S portfolio with an S2 receptacle. Offered in both Zhaga Book 18- and Z10-enabled keyed varieties, the S2 receptacle provides two wires per contact. This makes for easier wiring and applied cost savings in luminaires that have a dual-node architecture.

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