Development kit provides reference design for wireless sensor nodes in industrial IoT applications

The STWINKT1B SensorTile kit from STMicroelectronics is a reference design platform for a wireless sensor node. It can be used in the prototyping and testing of designs for industrial IoT applications such as condition-based monitoring and predictive maintenance. 

STWINKT1B SensorTile kit from STMicroelectronics incorporates motion, environmental and acoustic sensors to give a realistic application environment for rapid development.

The STWINKT1B SensorTile kit features a core system board with a range of embedded industrial-grade sensors and an STM32L4R9 microcontroller, which is based on an Arm® Cortex®-M4 processor. The MCU performs vibration analysis on the data provided by the kit’s IIS3DWB three-axis digital vibration sensor and by an ISM330DHCX sensor, an inertial measurement unit consisting of a three-axis accelerometer and three-axis gyroscope, backed by a machine learning core. 

The other sensors included on the system board are:

• IIS2DH low-power, high-performance MEMS motion sensor 

• IIS2MDC low-power three-axis magnetometer

• LPS22HH digital absolute pressure sensor

• HTS221 relative humidity and temperature sensor

• STTS751 low-voltage digital local temperature sensor

• IMP34DT05 industrial-grade digital MEMS microphone

• IMP23ABSU analog MEMS microphone with frequency response up to 80 kHz

The development kit is complemented by a rich set of software packages and optimized firmware libraries, as well as a dashboard application running in the cloud. An on-board module provides Bluetooth® Low Energy connectivity. An STEVAL-STWINWFV1 expansion board enables connection to Wi-Fi® networks. Wired connectivity is also supported via an on-board RS-485 transceiver and USB On-The-Go interface. 

The core system board includes an STMod+ connector for compatible daughterboards associated with the STM32 family, such as the LTE Cell pack.

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