UVC LEDs offer long lifetime and high disinfection efficacy

Vishay has introduced two UVC LEDs which produce 12x higher radiant power at a lower cost than previous devices, while offering higher disinfection efficacy and a longer service life.

High radiant power and 274 nm output make Vishay UVC LEDs ideal for direct disinfection of surfaces, air and water.

The VLMU35CR40-275-120 and VLMU35CR41-275-120 produce an output with a typical wavelength of 274 nm, making them ideal for sterilization applications in medical, industrial and consumer products. Many UVC LEDs available today have a 280 nm peak wavelength: the 274 nm output of the VLMU35CR40-275-120 and VLMU35CR41-275-120 produces 20% better sterilization efficacy. The LEDs are ideal for use in equipment for the direct disinfection of surfaces, air, and static water. 

The VLMU35CR41-275-120 provides a minimum radiant power of 30 mW at 250 mA, which is the same power as the closest competing device operating at 350 mA. The minimum radiant power of the VLMU35CR40-275-120 is 27.5 mW.  

These Vishay LEDs are supplied in a compact, surface-mount package with a ceramic substrate and a quartz window. The dimensions are 3.45 mm x 3.45 mm x 1.7 mm. The robust package enables Vishay to guarantee a long service life of 27,000 hours at 250 mA and 25°C. 

These Vishay LEDs can be used to replace low-pressure UVC mercury tubes, especially in compact designs in which small components are required.

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