Expansion of SiC MOSFET family gives designers choice of package styles

onsemi supplies a growing range of silicon carbide (SiC) MOSFETs which give power-system designers a wide choice of package, footprint and voltage-rating options. 

onsemi SiC MOSFETs offer low on-resistance and low switching losses. 

The expansion of the onsemi family comes in response to demand for devices based on SiC technology, which offers a combination of lower switching losses and faster switching speeds than traditional silicon power switches. These attributes have made SiC MOSFETs popular in applications which require high power-conversion efficiency, high power density or both. 

onsemi, which recently announced the expansion of its SiC production facilities in Czechia and in New Hampshire, US, is supplying the industrial market with SiC MOSFETs that feature voltage ratings up to 1,700 V.

Part NumberVoltage RatingOn-resistancePackage Style
NTH4L014N120M3P1,200 V14 mΩ TO247-4L
NTH4L020N090SC1900 V20 mΩ TO247-4L
NVH4L060N065SC1650 V44 mΩ TO247-4L
NTH4L028N170M11,700 V28 mΩ TO247-4L
NTMT045N065SC1650 V33 mΩ Power88
NVBG025N065SC1 650 V19 mΩ D2PAK-7L
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