Fuel gauges provide accurate measurement of state of charge for lithium batteries

The MPF4279x family of fuel gauges from Monolithic Power Systems provides a ready-made solution for fuel gauging and battery usage information in the main types of lithium battery.

Monolithic Power Systems supplies a range of fuel gauges for use with various lithium battery chemistries, providing a comprehensive set of battery usage information to enable users to monitor the state of charge and health of their battery. 

The Monolithic Power Systems fuel gauges use a sophisticated mixed-mode algorithm to compute not only the battery’s state of charge (SOC), but also time to empty, time to full, available power, and state of health. 

Fuel gauge systems are available for lithium-ion, lithium-polymer and lithium iron phosphate batteries. They can be paired with any analog front end that has cell-level ADC readings, and with battery packs that have two or more stacked cells. 

Battery power system designers can use Monolithic Power Systems reference designs to accelerate the development of applications such as e-bikes and energy storage systems.


Part Number Number of Series Cells Battery Chemistry External SOC Indication Pack SOC Accuracy Cell Impedance Monitoring
MPF42793 2 to 16 Lithium Iron Phosphate (LFP) LED n/a Yes
MPF42790 2 to 16 Li-ion, Li-Polymer LED ±3% No
MPF42792 2 to 16 Li-ion, Li-Polymer ±3% No
MPF42795 2 to 10 Li-ion, Li-Polymer LED ±3% No
MPF42797 2 to 10 Li-ion, Li-Polymer ±3% No
MPF42791 2 to 16 Li-ion, Li-Polymer LED ±2.5% Yes
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