Integrated flyback controller IC offers high efficiency in appliance power supplies

The Power Integrations InnoSwitchā„¢3-TN enables tight constant-current and constant-voltage regulation without the requirement for any external feedback components, simplifying power-supply designs and saving board space.

The InnoSwitch3-TN offline flyback controller ICs from Power Integrations simplify the development of power supplies for appliances and industrial auxiliary power systems supporting loads up to 21 W.Ā 

The InnoSwitch3-TN, supplied in a safety-qualified, compact MinSOPā„¢-16A package, integrates a 725 V primary-side MOSFET, isolated feedback loop, synchronous rectification and secondary-side control.Ā 

In smart, connected appliances that require a high output current, the InnoSwitch3-TN devices enable ac-dc power conversion at efficiency of up to 90%, better than traditional approaches such as buck regulators that are often less than 60% efficient. Highly integrated, these Power Integrations flyback converters incorporate all the necessary feedback components while supporting isolated and non-isolated, single- and multi-output designs.

The InnoSwitch3-TN provides constant efficiency across the load range. No-load power consumption is less than 5 mW at 230 V ac.Ā 

The flexibility afforded by the Power Integrations FluxLinkā„¢ communication technology means that positive and negative outputs can easily be supplied. InnoSwitch3-TN ICs can be used in a 5 V single-output power supply, with two positive output rails, or with both positive and negative rails, without any external feedback components.Ā 

Safety-rated FluxLink technology also ensures reliable synchronous rectification and accurate constant voltage and constant current on the output. The low forward drop of the synchronous rectification MOSFET also ensures excellent cross-regulation performance.

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