Full-bridge driver IC provides flexible control for brushed dc motors

The STSPIN958 full-bridge driver from STMicroelectronics offers a highly versatile, scalable solution for the control of brushed dc motors, with output current up to 5 A and standby consumption of 3 μA.

The STMicroelectronics STSPIN958 is a highly integrated motor driver supporting an operating voltage of up to 58 V. The driver IC enables high-frequency PWM control of brushed dc motors with a precisely regulated duty cycle.

Seven drive modes are offered by the STSPIN958, which are selectable via three Mode pins. A high signal on all three Mode pins results in no mode being selected, and the drive mode cannot be changed during operation. 

These drive modes with the respective current limiter modes are:

  • Dual half-bridge with fixed Off time
  • Single full-bridge with fixed Off time
  • Single half-bridge, parallel mode, with fixed Off time
  • Single full-bridge, mixed decay, with fixed Off time
  • Dual half-bridge with PWM trimming
  • Single full-bridge with PWM trimming
  • Single half-bridge, parallel mode, with PWM trimming


The STSPIN958 supports an adjustable power MOSFET slew rate for a maximum slew rate of 300 ns. This is selected via an external resistor and enables engineers to optimize the design for drive and EMI performance.

This motor driver IC also offers current sensing via an external shunt resistor, and a current limiter with adjustable threshold and Off time, and corresponding decay. Standard protections are present for under-voltage, over-current, and over-temperature, with under-voltage lockout and thermal shutdown at 150°C.

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