Fully programmable motor controller combines MCU with gate driver IC in a single package

The IMD700A motor controller from Infineon enables designers to implement compact BLDC motor or PMSM control systems with fewer components, and supporting operation from a battery power supply.

The MOTIX™ IMD700A from Infineon is a fully programmable motor controller which combines an XMC1404 32-bit microcontroller and a 6EDL7141 three-phase, half-bridge gate driver and supporting components into a single, compact package. The integration of control, MOSFET driving, current-sensing, protection and power-supply functions into one package enables designers to implement designs that are smaller, with fewer components and a simpler board layout than systems based on multiple discrete components.

The IMD700A is ideal for compact, battery-powered motor-control systems that use a brushless dc (BLDC) motor or permanent magnet synchronous motor (PMSM).

The XMC1404 MCU, based on an Arm® Cortex®-M0 processor core, provides dedicated features for motor control. A hardware math co-processor operating at 96 MHz accelerates calculations that are commonly used in the field-oriented control of a PMSM, such as arctan and other division and trigonometric functions. Useful peripherals include PWM timers, a POSIF position-sensor interface, and serial communication modules supporting protocols including CAN.

The motor controller’s 6EDL7141 MOSFET gate driver features sink and source currents that are configurable up to 1.5 A for driving a wide range of MOSFETs efficiently. It offers adjustable gate driver supply-voltage settings of 7 V, 10 V, 12 V or 15 V which are available even when the battery power supply is at a low voltage, thanks to built-in high- and low-side charge pumps.

The 6EDL7141 also has adjustable gate driver parameters to enable control of the slew rate, for minimizing system EMI. All of the 6EDL7141’s settings can be quickly changed with an easy-to-use PC-based GUI supplied by Infineon.

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