Hardware security module offers easy way to securely deploy IoT devices to cloud at scale

Infineon has combined the OPTIGA Trust M Express with its cloud services for registering and provisioning IoT devices to provide a complete, off-the-shelf solution for securing the cloud connections of an entire fleet of products.

Infineon supplies a complete, integrated system for securing an IoT device’s connection to the cloud, providing both a secure hardware root-of-trust capability and a complete registration and provisioning service that can be deployed in high volume across a fleet of devices. 

The system combines the OPTIGA™ Trust M Express, a hardware security module, and the Infineon cloud provisioning service. 

The OPTIGA Trust M Express security chip provides hardware-based security for IoT devices from manufacturing, through cloud provisioning, to field deployment. The encrypted identity of each OPTIGA Trust M Express chip is programmed in a certified secure Infineon fabrication plant. Benefiting from strong security protection, demonstrated by Common Criteria Evaluation Assurance Level (EAL) 6+ security approval, the OPTIGA Trust M Express is protected from exposure at any stage during the host product’s lifetime. 

The cloud ID service automates both IoT device certificate registration and the provisioning of the device in the cloud at scale. The OPTIGA Trust M Express is supplied pre-provisioned with ready-to-use certificates and keys for AWS multi-account registration, and for Azure IoT Hub pre-registration. 

This complete, off-the-shelf solution for IoT device security from Infineon eliminates the need for OEMs to build and maintain secure manufacturing facilities for device personalization, allowing them to simplify their production flow, accelerate time-to-market, and reduce cost.

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