High voltage and current ratings allow dc contactor relays to operate reliably in electric vehicle applications

The Littelfuse range of high-voltage dc contactor relays provides the high voltage and current ratings, and the robust performance required in new electric and hybrid electric vehicle and system designs.

The Littelfuse family of dc contactor relays includes the 450 V DCNHR series of normally open relays. These contactor relays are available with voltage ratings spanning the range from 48 V to 1.8 kV, and with current ratings from 30 A to 500 A. In electric vehicle systems, the relays are suitable for use in charging stations, battery power supplies, dc power controls, circuit protection, and other switch controls. They also fit industrial applications, such as uninterruptible power supplies and electronic control systems. 

The normally open, 450 V DCNHR relays have a resin body that gives high corrosion resistance in harsh automotive environments. Versions are available with a PWM coil to reduce the power used to keep the contacts closed. 

Sealed contacts boost safety, ensuring that there is no electrical arcing. The high-current relay’s permanent magnets diffuse the magnetic field horizontally to rapidly extinguish dc arcs.

The DCNHR series contactor relay is available for contact switching of currents from 20 A to 300 A. It may be supplied with or without polarized contacts to suit the polarity of the application.

Other high-voltage dc contactor relays from Littelfuse include the DCNLB, DCNLM, and DCNLR series.


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