Power controller simplifies the circuit in half-bridge resonant converter designs

The NCP13994 from onsemi is a high-performance current-mode controller which integrates X2 capacitor discharge, start-up current source and gate drivers to reduce external component count in power supplies.

The NCP13994 is a high-performance current-mode controller for half-bridge resonant converters in offline power supplies. 

The controller incorporates a 700 V-rated start-up current source and X2 capacitor discharge function as well as gate drivers for external MOSFETs. This simplifies the layout of power-supply circuits, and reduces the application component count. 

The NCP13994 provides a dedicated output to interface with an external power factor correction (PFC) controller, a convenient feature for applications in which a PFC front end is needed. A quiet skip-mode technique also ensures excellent no-load and light-load efficiency. 

The NCP13994 provides a suite of protection features that enable safe operation. These include: 

  • Overload protection
  • Over-current protection¬†
  • Brown-out detection
  • Open optocoupler detection
  • Over-voltage protection¬†
  • Over-temperature protection
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